We’ve been working with the best audio equipment there is for more than three decades.

30-years of selling high-end audio equipment might seem like a long time and a lot of experience – and it is. But the most important thing that we’ve learned in that time is that you never stop learning. When it comes to high-performance audio systems you can never know enough. That’s why at Audio Art, we supplement our own knowledge and experience with specialist consultants in home audio acoustics, AV installation, system infrastructure and audio system set-up.

We don’t just deliver equipment.

We conduct detailed site visits and carry out any necessary work before we install the systems that we sell. Then we come back, once the equipment has run-in and its performance stabilised to conduct fine-tuning and the final set up.

We don’t just use an electrician.

We use an electrician who understands the very specific requirements demanded by the highest performance audio systems.

Every aspect of system performance is considered and optimised – because if you want the best audio equipment in the world to deliver on its performance potential, that’s what it takes. The best audio system isn’t just equipment – it’s a time machine. It will transport you to another place, to experience your favourite music and your favourite performers.

Whether it’s Ella Fitzgerald or Ed Sheeran, the Berlin Philharmonic or the Penguin Café Orchestra, three tenors or three trombones, at Audio Art, it’s our mission to take you there.

Your Music – Your System – Your Home

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