In the process of moving from one box to four, CH Precision’s L1 preamplifier moves from a dual-mono stereo preamp to a full, four-chassis, pure monaural preamp where nothing (even down to the cables) is shared. In the process, it moves from being among the best preamps money can buy to being one of the best preamps ever made, and with no products left behind along the way. I’ve not heard all the very best preamps in the world, but I’ve heard many of them, and this is the best I’ve ever heard to date.

Alan Sircom, Editor Hi-Fi+ Magazine

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CH Precision has crafted one of the most impressive, versatile and upgradeable phono stages ever offered to the listening public. Its value confounds its price just as surely as its performance exceeds expectations. The P1 is a product that provides not one but three benchmarks when it comes to the best available performance from vinyl records: one box, two boxes or four, the CH Precision P1 really does set the price/performance standard against which all others should be measured.

Roy Gregory – TheAudioBeat.com

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I hope I’ve made it clear that the CH Precision I1 is no ordinary integrated amp. A (very) few integrateds can match it in one area or another, but I know of nothing with a comparable combination of pedigree, versatility, footprint, expandability, upgradability, value, and world-class sonics.

Alan Taffel – the abso!ute sound


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With its highly regarded 1 Series electronics, CH Precision has quietly but confidently established itself as the standard against which all other amplifiers must be measured.

With super short, signal paths and fully balanced, fully complementary circuitry all executed with typical Swiss precision and exactingly selected discrete components, the products are the very model of classical high-end design. But by combining those deceptively simple circuits with the power of sophisticated software control systems, CH has been able to offer not just unrivalled versatility but enhanced circuit stability and musical performance as well. The result is a completely new sense of musical freedom and authority, a performance that surpasses and confounds assumptions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of solid-state or tube design.

Not only do CH Precision components establish the benchmark for musical performance, every one of them can also be expanded, upgraded or reconfigured, so that they grow alongside your system and your musical ambitions. These are products that don’t just deliver your music – they protect your investment too.

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