The passion to understand

NEODIO was founded with the aim of pushing High-Fidelity sound quality to its limits. For 15 years St├ęphane Even searched tirelessly for scientific explanations for the anomalies that he observed. Unconvinced by the traditional theories proposed by the manufacturers, he carried out more than a thousand experiments, fuelled by a passion to enhance his knowledge. This work revealed previously unknown phenomena that have a significant impact on perceived sound quality.

Streamlined design

Our products are designed with innovative technical solutions that combine elegance and simplicity. Any unnecessary complexity is eliminated. As with musical instruments, it is the quality of the design and the production that prevails. At NEODIO, High-Fidelity is achieved through technical research combined with a long, meticulous optimization process, based on listening. Our evaluation criteria focus on the naturalness of the timbres, the respect of the dynamic and the rendering of the sound image.

Simply the best HiFi money can buy

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