The Stenheim Reference Ultime has leap-frogged a host of well-established competitors to jostle for position right at the head of my To Be Taken Seriously list. Competitors and customers alike should take it equally seriously. It is quite capable of shocking, surprising, beguiling or just plain seducing more than a few. Other brands might make more noise about (and with) their aluminum boxes, but right now it’s the Stenheims that are delivering the musical goods

Roy Gregory – TheAudioBeat.com

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“In my return to the exciting world of the two-way monitor, I found that the Stenheim Alumine 2s set the bar preternaturally high. Not only do they provide sublime sound, but they resonate with my life as an audiophile. They capture all of the qualities I’ve pursued over the last 40 years, and I highly recommend them.”

Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile

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The Three is a compact, exceptionally built, and easy to drive loudspeaker that fits into real rooms, with the heart of a large horn system and touches of electrostatic transparency thrown in for good measure… (We’re) dedicated to the idea that occasionally we can re-create in our homes a real impression of musicians playing music. The Stenheim Alumine Three did this more frequently, and to a greater degree than any other loudspeaker I’ve had in my home.

Allan Moulton, The Abso!ute Sound


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High-end audio has evolved, but some manufacturers and some products have evolved more and further than others. On the surface, the Stenheim speakers may look almost prosaically normal – even slightly old-fashioned, given the absence of curved, wildly facetted or angled surfaces. Yet at the same time there’s something inherently pleasing in the Bauhaus simplicity of their form and the aesthetic balance of their proportions. Listen to a Stenheim speaker and it’s immediately apparent that there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Combining traditional materials like silk and paper diaphragms, with classical thinking like the Golden Ratio, Stenheim isn’t afraid to embrace sophisticated engineering and advanced technologies. Their critically braced, thin-wall, low-storage cabinets are precision machined in the same facilities that produce parts for the Swiss watch industry, their high-tech, low-volume damping kills resonance without killing musical dynamics. The swift response of their lightweight drivers maximises musical communication, the well-behaved cabinets delivering clarity and musical purpose.

From the smallest Alumine 2 to the musically majesty of the Reference Ultime Statement, every Stenheim speaker delivers the performers and their performance with a natural voice and expressive range, scale or delicacy, nuance or musical impact. No detail is masked, no effort lost, no intent diminished. It is the speakers that bring you music alive – and no speakers that we’ve heard do it better than the Stenheims.

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