Rarely if ever have I heard any system deliver an individual performance quite as directly, as intimately and as affectingly as the Wadax/Living Voice combination does here. The speakers play their part, but it’s the DAC that’s setting the bar…

Wadax Atlantis Review – Roy Gregory, TheAudioBeat.com



Digital replay has never sounded so good. Most of it still doesn’t.

Wadax Atlantis Review – Roy Gregory, TheAudioBeat.com



The Wadax Reference DAC does digital better than anything else I’ve heard — including the Atlantis. Given the margin of musical superiority the Atlantis enjoys over the competition, that makes the Reference DAC very special indeed — a genuine case of showing just what’s possible…

Wadax Atlantis Review – Roy Gregory, TheAudioBeat.com


Universal Disc Transport
Music Servers
Digital to Analogue Convertors

The most significant audio reviewers in the world choose to use the Wadax Reference DAC – because they all recognise its dramatic musical superiority.

The combination of Wadax’s unique MusIC feed-forward error correction technology and cutting-edge engineering has produced a future-proof, modular product with lower error levels, a power supply that’s so quiet it cannot be measured using conventional methods and a more accurate and musically natural analogue output than any other DAC on the planet.

No other digital systems sound as engaging, as natural or as musical communicative as the Wadax components. No other digital systems are more versatile, adaptable or future proof – because every Wadax component is built with the same unique technology, proprietary solutions, card-cage modular construction and exacting attention to engineering detail.

Rejecting the compromises inherent in ‘found’ or ‘adopted’ technology, designing each element from scratch, creating proprietary solutions for audio critical applications, Wadax produce unique products capable of uniquely musical results. It’s a fundamentally different approach – which directly explains the superior technical and musical performance. You can learn more at www.wadax.eu – but really – one listen is all it takes…

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